Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Night Doodle - Barbarian

My kid brother has been hounding me for the last 6 months to draw him a barbarian, so I finally did.

If you guys ever want to make a request for a doodle, just post comment with your idea and I'll try my hardest to make it happen. 

Until next time, 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!

I hope you guys unwrapped some exciting gifts, like tube socks or a rabid rat.

Legend states that Santa Claus keeps two lists that divide the well behaved children from the naughty ones. In reality the lists simply separate the good tasting children to the bad tasting ones.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Night Doddle - Unfestive Frankenstein

Howdy folks,.                    

I apologize that this week's doodle isn't exactly Christmassy, but if you squint really hard he kind of looks like a sea sick Santa Claus.   

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Night Doodle - Cemetery Gnome

I'm extremely uncomfortable using large amounts of black, so I figured I should confront my fears. inspired heavily by the amazing Mike Mignola.

"Awful little creatures, they feast on the bones of the long deceased, and perform unspeakable acts of depravity on any small rodent unfortunate enough to find itself cornered by these nocturnal deviants."    

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Night Doodle - catch up (plus shingles!)

Goddamn it, I'm really awful at keeping this damned blog updated!

A few weeks ago I started feeling odd. I developed flu like symptoms and a strange tingling sensation on my right side. I was convinced that I had either small pox or malaria. After a week of worrying that I was dying from some sort of exotic disease, I woke up from a nap and groggily noticed what I thought was a rash on my chest. I was horrified, until I realized that it was just my nipple. True it was a false alarm, but I figured better safe than sorry, so I went to the doctor. I sat down and told him my symptoms. He concluded that I was just suffering from a mild case of allergies. After jotting down a prescription for allergy pills, things got weird... 

He asked me if I had a girlfriend, I explained to him that women find me about as appealing as a dead moose stuffed with dirty needles. He then told me that I need to get out more, and start romancing the women folk. He gave me a list of the hottest bars in town and told me that I'm probably blowing my sicknesses out of proportion because I'm not getting any tail. I walked out of his office feeling dumbfounded and slightly disturbed. 

The very next morning I woke up to more than mild discomfort, and realized that my imaginary nipple rash had turned into a full blown pustules that burned like fire. Horrified I went back to the doctor and showed him. He told me that I manged to give myself shingles, yeah, the virus that normally affects old people. Apparently stress can set it off, and that is something I have no shortage of, like hate, it keeps me warm.

Now let me tell you, shingles is awful. It felt a lot like getting punched in the side by a Russian boxer wearing jellyfish for gloves. Am I being dramatic? Probably.

I felt like shit up until a few days ago, and that is the reason why I haven't been updating this thing. Anyway, enough about me and my disgusting skin rash, let's talk about art.

By my count, I owe you guys three doodles.

The first drawing is a three eyed-mutant-midget magician named ...uh...Fabio?

The second one is a two headed troll (I'm hilarious)

And last but not least, one of those Pan things.

That's all for now, talk to you guys soon.